The Top 10 Chrome Extension for Site Testing

Your site is launched, but have you tested it yet? New website developers skimp on testing, because it adds time to development and let’s face it – you’re too excited to launch your site and start making money. In reality, you should take a step back and thoroughly test your site before deploying, but the temptation to launch quickly gets even the best of developers. If you’ve already launched your site, here are 10 Chrome extensions to help you test your application.

1) Lightshot

At some point, you will find something that doesn’t work right or doesn’t look right on your site. You need to communicate it with your developer. Lightshot is a handy tool for taking a screenshot and then adding annotations to it. Screenshots are the best way to communicate what you found to a developer, and Lightshot makes it easy to capture and send bug fix requests to your development team.

2) Edit This Cookie

While you’re testing, you need to emulate cookies and the different events they trigger. Edit This Cookie allows you to change a cookie’s value to review your site’s UI and other features it triggers. For instance, if you have A/B testing enabled, you can review the different layouts based on cookie values. This is an important test if you have different UI/UX layouts based on cookie values.

3) Cache Killer

As you test, your browser caches data. You know that this can affect the way your application handles processing. Each time you make changes to code, you should clear cache in the browser. Cache Killer makes it much more convenient for developers to control cache while they test code.

4) Resolution Test

It used to be that there were only a few screen resolutions for a developer to worry about. Now, there are dozens. Resolution Test lets you change the resolution and test your application in each one. Don’t forget that you have more than just desktops to test. You also need to test for smaller screens including smartphones and tablets.

5) Bug Magnet

When testing forms, you have to enter data into each form element and submit for testing. This can be tedious and time consuming if you have several data set permutations. With Bug Magnet, you can store form values and have the extension automatically enter them when you open the form. It’s similar to Chrome’s auto-fill except it’s specific for testing.

6) Advanced RESTClient

Any developer knows that testing APIs is cumbersome. Advanced RESTClient lets you test APIs and their different input and output directly from your browser instead of using a testing wrapper. It makes it much easier to understand how an API will work with your end users.

7) Ghostery

What happens to your API and applications that connect to it when the network goes down? Developers don’t often account for complete network failure when they code for errors and fault tolerance. Ghostery helps you understand what users will see should your network fail and the API is no longer functional.

8) XSS Rays

Have you tested your site for vulnerabilities? XSS is one of the most common attacks on the web. XSS Rays is a penetration tester that helps you identify JavaScript XSS vulnerabilities on each of your pages. It checks for XSS vulnerabilities for both GET and POST events.

9) Site Spider

Once your site grows bigger, you lose track of pages and 404s. You need something to find broken links, so you can either correct the link or remove it. Site Spider goes through your site and finds any broken links. This extension makes it much more convenient to find 404s from broken internal links.

10) Todoist

QA and testing is a long, tedious part of development. You can’t fix everything at once, and each bug needs a priority assigned. Todoist can help you mark the tasks that need to be done and prioritize your bugs, so your developer can start on the most critical ones first.

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